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Re: Tree-view grid lines in Fedora theme

On 09/18/2007 10:20:24 AM Tue, Martin Sourada wrote:
[ snip ]
Hm... I don't know of this in GtkTreeView, could you provide a
screenshot? It is however present in list view and can be easily turned
of in the gtkrc file (set listviewstyle = 0 in nodoka settings). It is
however not much of a issue to release a new version because of it, I'll
maybe change it the rpm. And yes, the Nodoka theme is maintained by the
art team, so this is the right place to ask about it (though even a
better way would be filling a feature request in trac [1]).

But thanks for noticing, this somehow slipped my mind...

Sorry for the delayed reply--my bleeding-edge laptop is sorta crippled right now. For the same reason, I can't seem to get a screenshot--but the app shows a GtkTreeModel in a GtkTreeView, and it does have vertical gridlines. Thanks for the pointer to trac--I'll use that for any other requests!



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