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Re: Revamped Echo system-standby icon

On Fri, 2007-09-21 at 10:17 +0200, Martin Sourada wrote:
> Luya, change the opacity of the shadow to be less intensive. Second
> thing I noticed is badly positioned the picture in the button (the
> circle with line at the top) IMHO, it should be in the center of the
> blue area. Other than that the 48x48 icon seems quite fine. The 16x16 is
> looking good for me, for 22x22 and 24x24 you should use flat perspective
> (just use the 16x16, add gradients if you do not have them in the 16x16
> one, and add shadow). 
> One issue I notice for all your icons you've create so far is the shadow
> that is too much upwards. It might be because you rendered it in gimp -
> I noticed nautilus and gimp and others position the areas with applied
> blur differently then inkscape. If you'd like better quality, I'd rather
> export it in inkscape with 300 dpi (or whatever you think is the best)
> and the resize/finish it in gimp :)
> Otherwise, I like this one most of all, could you do a similarly
> fashioned system-shutdown? I also noticed that the suspend option
> disappeared from gnome menu (it is now in the shutdown dialog), dunno
> how in KDE, but it seems to me that this icon might not have a use after
> all...
> Thanks,
> Martin
> PS: btw. what's the improvements in the svn version of ikscape?

I downloaded the svg for 48x48 and edited it to address the issues I was
talking about:
1. I made the icon smaller - it does not serve any good if it fills
whole area, I made it with same size as other action icons (42x42)
2. I added a gradient to the shadow, and played with opacity and blur to
get mostly what I like, fixed its position
3. centred the picture in the button

I attach the fixed version.

I'll maybe fix the other sizes to, will see..

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