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Re: Revamped Echo system-standby icon

Martin Sourada a écrit :
On Fri, 2007-09-21 at 11:04 +0200, Martin Sourada wrote:
And here's the 22x22 and 32x32 (both are resized/finished in gimp for
better antialiasing). The 24x24 can be done in gimp from the 22x22 one
by adding a 1px transparent border to it (or in CLi with imagemagic)...

What do you think, Luya?


Err... I could not resist and made a 16x16 version anew as well... It has 
better antialiasing (again gimp work) and better fits the pixel grid. So 
the set (without 24x24, which will be easy to make) is from my point of 
view complete. What do you think Luya? Are these OK? If so, could you 
create similarly styled system-shutdown icons? 

Yes, system-standby set is ready. I will add it on trunk soon. System-shutdown
set are there, I made two variants with suffix -a and -b (uppon Jakub opinion).
Just in case someone interested, the gimp work is basically this: export 
it in inkscape in 10:1 (i.e. for 16x16 export it in 160x160, etc.), open
it in gimp, do Gaussian blur with radius 10, resize and run unsharp mask with
radius 2 and amount 0.2. The values might vary from icon to icon, e.g for
the 32x32 plain resize in gimp was enough.

I used another method. I opened svg file in Gimp, set the right icon size
and increase the resolution at 300 dpi. Then I save it as png.


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