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Re: Revamped Echo system-standby icon

Martin Sourada a écrit :

I noticed I forgot to align the 48x48 variant to the pixel grid, so I
attach the fixed version.
That might caused some of the problems with shadow positioning.
It is actually the svn version of Inkscape that is the issue when applying blur.

Anyway, I tried to produce a system-shutdown icon (I saw the -a and -b
variants and while the -a one seems better than the original, still the
red seems to be too strong colour...) and I was not able to come with
any colour combination with red in it that I would like - the red seems
to be too strong against all other colours. So I created a variant with
similar colours to those in gnome, I also used the same shape as in
system-stanby, the variant with circle and dash inside seems to be
harder to display correctly, especially in small sizes. I attach it as
well (I did only 48x48 version). If we used this styling then the only
action needed to produce full set would be to change colours in the
system-standby to the system-shutdown and do the same gimp work.
Hmm, for some reasons that version of system-shutdown feels blah. I attached a
less vibrant version of the original. Not sure why the smallest version is hard to see.
I have committed system-standby meanwhile.


PNG image


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