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I want to tell you few words about Echo cursors idea.

1. Cursors

Red Hat cursors were using Bluecurve style - even if other artwork was 
not Bluecurve, cursors were looking nice.

Smooth, readable cursors with:

a) hour-glass in FC1-FC4
b) spinner from FC5

2. "Wait" and "busy" types

Windows XP used hour-glass like Fedora up to 4, Windows Vista uses 
spinner as Fedora from 5.

Ubuntu uses spinner, openSUSE uses spinner.
Mac OSX uses spinner.

Many spinner types: http://ajaxload.info/

3. Color pallette, hands

Usually, there are white cursors with black outline, and vice versa - 
black cursors with white outline. It should not change in my opinion.

Cursors are mostly provided in two versions: left~ and righthanded.

Summary: cursors must use Echo style and hour-glass or spinner as wait
and busy cursors.

Echo must provide left and righthanded versions and minimum 2 
coloristic versions: white and black. If you want - more.

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