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Nodoka issues

I've installed Nodoka on F7 and I've noticed a few issues, both
aesthetic and technical.

1) Highlighted menu options appear light gray on medium gray.
(slight aside: medium gray is used in other places to indicate a
disabled item. This may result in some user confusion.)

2) It is difficult to see which window will get focus when they are
tiled or nested and Alt-Tab is used to switch.

3) Unfocused tabs seem just a bit too dark. Or maybe too saturated.

4) (purely opinion) The caption buttons might look nicer moved 4 to 6
pixels to the right.

5) The packages are misnamed. They should be gtk2-engine-nodoka,
gnome-theme-nodoka, and metacity-theme-nodoka.

Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams <ivazqueznet gmail com>

PLEASE don't CC me; I'm already subscribed

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