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Re: text-x-generic-template redesign

On Sun, 2007-09-23 at 17:11 +0200, Mark wrote:
> Hey,
> Like i said before.. i don't like alot of the echo icons (i also like
> alot) but i didn't had the idea to make new icons myself.. simply
> because i thought i couldn't do it specially in inkscape.. Well i
> can't make it from scratch yet but i can make edits. This time
> "text-x-generic-template" was the one that got my attention. I made it
> light and it seems to be working good on all sizes (16x16 as well).
> This editing is going good so far.
> Critics? suggestions? they are all welcome.
Yep... Echo icons are generally darker, it would stand out (which is not
good). The lightning is too subtle, borders too light, the object would
be really hard to recognise on first look even in the 48x48 size. The
shadow is too big and does look strange (the positioning is completely
different from all other Echo icons).

> What i noticed so far is that it might look better if i double or even
> tripple the border size so that it looks even better on smaller
> images.
I would, a lot... First, create the big icon. You must align it to the
pixel grid, so that it does not look blurry. Then work on smaller sizes
and use different sources for 32x32, 22x22 and 16x16 - the alignment to
the pixel grid is different, the borders need to be wider for smaller
sizes, the icon usually needs to be simplified for smaller sizes, the
16x16 icon must use flat perspective.

> The icons are attached in this mail.

I appreciate your efforts a lot, but I must note the issues as well,
sorry for me being so critic... :)


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