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Re: [Echo] from which icon set derive missing icons?

Quoting Martin Sourada <martin sourada seznam cz>:

> Hi,
> the current state of things in Echo is that we derive first from
> Clearlooks and then from Gnome. I'd suggest to drop the Clearlooks as
> the Gnome icon theme has already 22x22 icon set and so we would improve
> the current situation a lot. Also, I think that the Gnome icon theme
> styling is closer to Echo than Clearlooks is (and I'd strongly suggest
> to use Gnome or Tango metaphors rather than Bluecurve ones). It would be
> especially helpful for action icons as we use mostly the same
> perspective for these (flat). It has one drawback though (which should
> be easy to fix) - it uses gnome foot instead of fedora logo for the
> menu. Any thoughts on this?

 We should focus on deriving from Gnome icons because they are more modern than
the legacy Bluecurve. The odd is the latter has more icons than either Gnome or
Tango. Lets focus on these 22x22 icons (I suspect the size was intentionaly use
for the legacy KDE, KDE will use 24x24 AFAIK so we should make them too).

Luya Tshimbalanga
Fedora Project contributor

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