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Re: Lighter Nodoka design

> I plan to provide different colour schemes in one of the next 
> releases
> and two or three more metacity stylings (the buttons will look
> different, but still will have nodoka gradients), until then you can
> change the colours in the appearances caplet to your liking (and
> submit
> them to me if you'd like to have them included). ;-)

I will try to pick some colors for colour scheme named simply 'Livious'
:D .

> This is intentional, because if you push the button it will do the
> action even on unfocused window - if they had unfocused gradients it
> will be confusing.

Ok, I understand :) .

> Yes, otherwise it would not be Nodoka (nodoka is based on a special
> type
> of gradients) ;-)

Artists (; ...

> Heh, this should be rather in a separate thread... Yep, they look
> quite
> good, one thing I don't like is the gnome folder, Mist does nice job
> in
> fixing this, still I like Echo more (and Tango less). I think it's 
> now
> more or less about alternative - we have gnome/tango icons with 
> subtle
> colours and simple perspectives, then realistically looking shiny
> Oxygen
> (I am not very sure how good are these at smaller sizes) and we are
> trying to create something in-between - something with a touch of
> reality, vibrant colours, subtle gradients and isometric perspective,
> while retaining some compatibility with Gnome (in terms that they can
> work quite nice together).

I don't how it happened, but I dislike Tango! too. It is too shiny. I 
like subtle style of GNOME - light colors with darker outline.

GNOME folder icon is ugly in my opinion too. Doesn't look like folder 
at all.

I will always say to you: be GNOME-style compiliant. You can use GNOME 
icon style guidelines [1] and create Echo icon theme, which **surely** 
be loved by me.

Please try this out. I want too see, how it would like.
Maybe you'll love it too?

I really, really want to see Echo with GNOME style. Would you?

[1] I think GNOME icon style guidelines are Tango!'s without glossy 
reflections http://tango.freedesktop.org/Tango_Icon_Theme_Guidelines

Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek

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