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Re: Perspective

Hi Jakub,

Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:
Did you ever thinked about letting isometric perspective go away?

I hope I'm not being unfair here - I haven't had the time to follow this list as carefully as I would have liked the past couple of weeks due to other commitments so maybe I've missed some things from you -

But you really seem to be making a lot of suggestions about the Echo icons in a passionate manner without actually DO-ing anything. If you think that a non-isometric perspective would work better for Echo icons, why not try converting some of them yourself and using those results to bolster your opinion?

The direction of this group is really determined by what people actually DO, not what they say, as in I would assume any other open project such as this. We obviously welcome feedback from others, but yours seems a bit more persistent than most which makes me think you would benefit from taking things a step further yourself by modifying the icons to prove your point.

Just a suggestion from an observer. And just so I'm transparent here, I think a lot of people here know that I like the Mist + Gnome icons a lot better than Echo for various reasons I've outlined in the past and not bothered to actually act on. ;-)


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