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Re: [Echo] from which icon set derive missing icons?

Martin Sourada wrote:
On Sat, 2007-09-29 at 10:58 +0200, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
Martin Sourada wrote:

the current state of things in Echo is that we derive first from
Clearlooks and then from Gnome. I'd suggest to drop the Clearlooks as
the Gnome icon theme has already 22x22 icon set and so we would improve
the current situation a lot. Also, I think that the Gnome icon theme
styling is closer to Echo than Clearlooks is (and I'd strongly suggest
to use Gnome or Tango metaphors rather than Bluecurve ones). It would be
especially helpful for action icons as we use mostly the same
perspective for these (flat). It has one drawback though (which should
be easy to fix) - it uses gnome foot instead of fedora logo for the
menu. Any thoughts on this?
Um, Clearlooks don't have any icons, does it?
- Andreas

It does have some gtk stock icons like gtk-apply, gtk-cancel, etc. But
it derives from Bluecurve and together they pull a set of icons that are
blurry in menus... And I think that the new Gnome icon set is visually
closer to Echo than Clearlooks + Bluecurve.

Ah, I see!
Yes, agreed.
- Andreas

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