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Re: Is it possible to make the bettery icons scripted?

On Sun, 2007-09-30 at 17:29 +0200, Mark wrote:
> Hey,
> I was just looking throught the echo icons [1] and saw the battery
> icons there (which are extremely nice) but i was wondering if those
> icons could be made scripted?
> This is the idea:
> The bettery applet shows in the notification applet and requests the
> bettery icon (called batteryScript for now) with value 60 (0 - 100
> meaning 0 (%) is empty and 100 (%) is full). Now batteryScript should
> draw the battery icon with the value 60 (60% bettery is pritty decent
> so the icon should result in something like [2]) I would also say that
> the batteryScript has this for the 0 and 100 values:
> 0 = (light)green
> 100 = (dark)red
> and a color in between 0 and 100 should be just created by the the
> script (for example: 25 = darkgreen, 50 = orange, 75 = darker orange
> (or light red) and the 96 other images)
> The Advantages:
> - No need to make 100 different battery icons (all done by the
> script). you just supply one basic image and the script fills it in.
> - The battery notification will get a lot more precise than is
> possible with the current icons
> - Just one icon needs to be changed if changes are required (instead
> of all the battery icons)
> - There must be more...
> The Disadvantages:
> - If you change that one icon you will likely have to change the script as well
> - it's probably a little more CPU intensive than a basic .png icon..
> (but it should still be just a tiny bit of cpu power)
> The big questions:
> - Is this possible? If yes? how?
> - What do you think of it?
> btw. animating the battery icon would be cool as well. for example
> adding in some boiling bubbles when charging up.. but that's a
> completely different idea and probable (?) hard to do with SVG's
> [1] https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/echo-icon-theme/wiki/IconThemeStatus
> [2] http://git.fedoraproject.org/?p=hosted/echo-icon-theme;a=blob_plain;f=trunk/Echo/48x48/status/battery-high.png;hb=HEAD
This idea is crazy (in good meaning). It could be implemented, but it
would not be much simple and I wonder if anyone would be willing to
implement it... BUT, we could at least simplify the creation of the
icons themselves - imagine you draw a SVG of a battery, in a side file
you describe which of the elements is to be changed and how and run it
through some script and voila you have a complete SVG set, now export
PNGs from it and you're done... IMHO implementation of this is more

As for the animation... it IS possible, but noone implemented its
support yet anywhere AFAIK (SVG is XML after all...) but it would be too
much CPU consuming, just completely useless eye-candy (far more useless
then wobbly windows)...


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