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Re: Is it possible to make the bettery icons scripted?

> This idea is crazy (in good meaning).

Glad you like it.

> It could be implemented, but it
> would not be much simple and I wonder if anyone would be willing to
> implement it... BUT, we could at least simplify the creation of the
> icons themselves - imagine you draw a SVG of a battery, in a side file
> you describe which of the elements is to be changed and how and run it
> through some script and voila you have a complete SVG set, now export
> PNGs from it and you're done... IMHO implementation of this is more
> possible...

That would be wonderfull.
Also if anyone is gonna make a script for this than it might also be
possible to make those file icons (with gnome's text generation inside
to icon (which i think is useless but some people seem to like it)) in
a perspective view.

> As for the animation... it IS possible, but noone implemented its
> support yet anywhere AFAIK (SVG is XML after all...) but it would be too
> much CPU consuming, just completely useless eye-candy (far more useless
> then wobbly windows)...
> Martin

Perhaps just a starting animation that only plays when you plugin your
adapter.. something like on those cellphone's.. they are animated when
you plugin the adapter but just once.. than it's just charging without
animations (the bars do increase but that's not a animation). And to
make it CPU friendly it might be better to generate a GIF animation?
but than you would have a color limit.. o well.. this is all stuff for
the future ^_^ my first idea is stuff that could (?) be done now if
someone wants to make a script for it (pyhon? perl? or even php? just
any language that has the SVG extensions)

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