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Re: Perspective

2007/9/29, Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek <liviopl pl gmail com>:
> Hi,


> I have one new proposal.


> Echo actions aren't isometric icons, but rest is.
> "New generation" Echo are great, but isometric perspective makes me
> sad.
> Did you ever thinked about letting isometric perspective go away?

Read some more topics in the art list

> Plain and on-the-shelf perspectives are very good IMHO, and IMHO better
> than any 3D.

Now if you don't like it than make new icons and post them here the
way you like them. i'm doing the same (i'm only getting critics on it
and a few "i like it" but i'm getting better at it all the time. My
first icon here (package-x-generic attempt) was my _first__icon__ever_
and my first creation in inkscape.. and i didn't made it that bad. So
just make your icons the way you like than and post them here.

btw. i'm a bad graphic designer as well. just give it your best shot.

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