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Re: Fedora 10 theme ideas

Oke let the brainstorm start ;)

My idea for F9 was: keep the theme the same any just improve it. I
keep that idea for F10.
Also for F10 i would like to propose some really polished things (ala
mac os). For example: When you hover on something that is done by the
theme (lets sat the minimize, close and maximize buttons) it's
instantly changing to the next image. lets it "flow (fadeout old and
simultaneous fadein the new one)" over to the other image so that you
get a nice animation in it. Also the taskbar buttons should get the
same attention. actually everything should.

About the taskbar. Pre F9 i suggested to make a F9 theme improvement
that also skins the taskbar.. as of today this hasn't been done in
Fedora! i made a few mockups of it a _while_ back but they where in
orange and to much vista like (with sudden colour jumps). But the idea
remains valid.

I will see if i can make a new mockup of this. Also the notification
thing really needs a theme (i just like everything skinned instead of

That are my idea's so far. I will try to make some mockups of it soon.

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