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Re: Fedora 10 theme ideas

Mark wrote:
Also for F10 i would like to propose some really polished things (ala
mac os). For example: When you hover on something that is done by the
theme (lets sat the minimize, close and maximize buttons) it's
instantly changing to the next image. lets it "flow (fadeout old and
simultaneous fadein the new one)" over to the other image so that you
get a nice animation in it. Also the taskbar buttons should get the
same attention. actually everything should.

One of the ideas some Red Hatters had on our bus ride into work this morning was to code name F10 "neon" (neon being the 10th element in the periodic table of elements.) The link between werewolf and sulphur is that sulphur helps ward away werewolves. The link between sulphur and neon would be that they are both elements.

It would then be cool to have a wallpaper with a neon Fedora logo sign on it, when it gets dark the neon sign lights up, when it's daylight the neon sign turns off.

The general artwork such as the banners and splashes could be a glossy dark grey with very bright thin accents, think accent colors like bright Fedora blue, magenta, yellow, and green. We could probably do some awesome designs using light painting, eg here are some examples of light painting that I did a while back:


Some other inspirations:



Another codename that was suggested for f9 but got 2nd place might be good for F10 - bathysphere. Do you know what a bathysphere is? I didnt but I learned this morning:


We could come up with some very interesting visual ideas to accompany bathysphere, such as underwater aquatic scenes or we could go for a really really cool steampunk [1] look (eg http://www.datamancer.net/steampunklaptop/steampunklaptop.htm, http://www.crabfu.com/steamtoys/diy_steampunk/ (check out the bottom of the page!!!), here's some more I think look cool:



[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steampunk

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