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Re: Themed Taskbar and buttons (glossy looks)


i'm having some suggestions for nodoka in the next fedora version.
My general idea for fedora is to have the themes polished in F10.
Nodoka can do a lot to get that done.

Oke for the first one.
When you hover a button or anything that's nodoka controlled like the
buttons: minimize, maximize and close. When you put your mouse on one
of them the image behind it is instantly changing to the hover state
(or something like it). My suggestion would be to make a effect of it.
Fade out the old one and simultaneously fade in the new image so that
you get some nice effects there. Also do this for every other thing
that has another state when it's selected, hovered etc.

 That is very interesting. One thing I've noticed, though, and since
Metacity allows for that, is that if you change the order of the buttons
(using gconf-editor), the properties of the buttons will be inherited by the
new elements in their place. For example, I like to have the close and
minimize buttons together at the upper left corner of the window, and the
menu and maximize buttons on the right corner. The problem with the current
implementation of the theme is that it "locks" the buttons to the right
corner of the window and even though all effects are "inherited" when they
are changed, the "highlight" around the buttons persists and is locked to
the buttons on the right hand corner[1]. Maybe the first step would be to
lock the highlight border to the properties of the buttons instead of a
location in the title bar? (is this even possible in GTK? [or any other
toolkit for that matter?])

The second one is something i've requested before but never got in.
Theme the taskbar! fully theme it, not just change the colour but
really give it a theme. As far as i know this has never been done in
fedora. I will try to make a mockup of it sometime soon.

 This sounds VERY interesting indeed... It also opens all sorts of
possibilities for themes... Like having both the lower and upper panes have
different colors/combinations/highlights, etc. Make launcher icons stand out
as buttons, give a glossy look (or not), etc. And have the lower panel (with
the "Show Desktop", "Window List" "Recycle Bin" and "Desktop Pager" applets)
a completely different, but complementary look than that of the upper panel.
Have the Window List applet have its own properties so that (as some people
do) if a user deletes one of the panels (to reclaim desktop pace, for
instance) and moves the Window List to "the other" panel, these properties
are retained and what not.

I hope that by "glossy look" of the launcher buttons you don't mean to
have them with another background than the panel background! that
would not have my preference to say the least. But having it glossy
when hovering (like in vista/xp) is a nice idea to have!
A while back i made a mockup of a themed notification message. the
current one looks kinda plain. The one i had made was one you all
seemed to like one way or the other but never got implemented. I will
try to find that mockup and post it again to see if this could find
it's way in Fedora 10.

I think that having a glossy look to buttons when you hover over them, even on the taskbar, ie: dropdown menus and such, is actually a great idea, I have used other distros ( and modified my own themes) to do just that, it lets you know for sure where your mouse pointer is, and adds that special touch to the look and feel that would really make Fedora great looking out of the box. While my css coding skills leave alot to be desired, the artwork side of it is pretty strait forward, just create the image, and then make a highlighted/glossy version to match for  when it is hovered over. Maybe even make it animated, so when you hover, it kind of "wipes" the highlight over the button.

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