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Re: Re: Introduction

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Re: Introduction
Mark <markg85 gmail com>

2008/4/3, dave slaughter <slaughter dave gmail com>:
     First off I would like to thank Nicu Buculei for e-mailing me and
inviting me to join after I submitted my app, so thank you Nicu.
     Now, I would like to introduce myself to the rest of the members, my
name is Dave, and I am from just outside Boston Mass. in the United States.
I have been using Linux for about 4-5 years now, and have been doing
computer graphic design for as long as I have been using computers, so since
the original apple II. I just enjoy doing artwork, be it wallpapers, web
banners, GDM's (just started on making those), or anything else. I just
started using Fedora again, after not using a Red Hat based system since Red
Hat 6, been using mostly Debian base OS's, but I am very pleased with F8,
very nice, clean distro.
      I would like to start work with the art team and try to get involved
in making artwork for Fedora, be it (as I stated above) wallpapers, GDMs, or
anything else that may be of use to the team, and would also like to be a
part of something that I believe is of great value, and try to give back to
the Fedora community in some way, as my programing skills leave something to
be desired.
      I will stop here and keep this short as not to take of too much of all
of time.
So hello everybody, and I look forward to working with you all of on
whatever projects may be ahead.
Dave S.

Hi Dave,

Welcome to the fedora art list!
It's great that you are willing to spend your time on improving the
look of fedora.

Could you perhaps post some links to things you've made before?
and i'm really looking forward to the things you are making now for fedora.

Thanx so far,

I haven't made too much that I have put out for others, I have made some stuff and put it on Gnome-Look.org, most of it for a distro called LinuxMint, as that is the distro I have been using for the last year or so, you can see it here http://www.gnome-look.org/content/mycontent.php?PHPSESSID=98a828c786143b6c75224023a86ac45a
Some of it I made when I first started making things for Linux, some things I thought just looked kind of cool, but I have never seriously worked on art for a product, so things I make for Fedora will be much cleaner and more polished.
    I'll try and get some stuff I made for myself posted somewhere so you can see what I can actually do, as the stuff on Gnome-Look is sometimes cartoonish.
    As for GTK themes, as I've said before, my coding skills are not so great, so I have not made any GTK themes as of yet, still looking for a good tutorial for learning that, but wallpapers, GDM's, web banners, and that sort of thing, I can do pretty well, (I think).

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