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9 swirls - another fedora 9 concept

okay so I love the idea of growing flying high.. BUUUT

What about our distro remixing culture?

Simple:  I was thinking I could draw on a torrent of waves


Fedora 9 is going to be doing a lot of things, for alot of different
people, all at once.

This potential should occupy the minds of our users. How do we involve
it in our artwork?

For us graphics geeks, fedora is a production studio .. for others,
its a server, a workstation, a command centre, a directory server and
a portal to the web !
Fedora 9 is what you make of it and we're still all working together,
flooding in one direction.

lets illustrate this unified effort through a wave..  a fierce body of
water moving with such potential and momentum that it curls up in upon
itself..  forming a 9 shape

The metaphors for infinity and freedom still exist with large volumes
of water...  think the ocean

lets play.
ive attached a svg!

9 is fine    9 is mine
grab some wine, nine can rhyme

Attachment: 9swirl.svg
Description: image/svg

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