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Re: Nodoka suggestions for Fedora 10

On Fri, 2008-04-04 at 15:33 +0200, Mark wrote:

> You're right and wrong here.
> Right:
> - Compositing with Ati or Nvidia (anything except intel) isn't working
It isn't working on intel either (in rawhide). Compiz freezes ui,
metacity with compositing turned on breaks many things. I don't know any
other compositing capable managers that work with gnome.

> Wrong:
> - the statement that compositing isn't working.
> Did you knew that KDE 4 uses the xorg composite extension? that means
> that compositing works on vesa as well! not fast but working. So
> compositing _can_ work if the creators of the notification deamon (and
> nodoka, you) invest some time to get it in then compositing is always
> working! which (to me) is worth the time.. but then again i'm not the
> person who is gonna break his head in implementing it. I will send in
> a bug report (RFE) for the notification-deamon.
Not fast is not an option. Either working fast (and stable) or it is not
acceptable as default. Also, AFAIK, whether the compositing is turned on
or not depends on window manager (in our case metacity), not gtk or even
theme engine.

> >
> >  Would be good if you sketched a real-world notification like Package
> >  blahblah has been updated, or You have new message in your Inbox with
> >  icon, buttons, timer and left stripe included to see how the final
> >  design would look like.
> I can make that. However i probably won't include that timer thing
> because i'm still making this with the assumption that the balloon
> vanishes after 3 till 5 seconds so i see no point in making it visible
> how long you have till the balloon vanishes. and for that left
> stripe.. i will see how i make that fit in.
Not all balloons are here for only 5 seconds. It's not unusual to have
it on for about 15 or more seconds.


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