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FUDCon Boston Artwork

Hi fedora-art-list:

A couple of loose ends regarding artwork for FUDCon Boston (along side the Red Hat Summit) that I wanted to try to get some closure on.

Cc: Kristin Nordstrom and Mary Bitter, who are helping with FUDCon from the RH internal side.

(1) Overall FUDCon Boston 2008 logo.

There were some generic FUDCon logo designs in the tshirt design process, which I thought looked great. We're going to probably want to make some large posters (flip-chart sized, though I don't have the exact dimensions yet) with that logo on it, so if we could get a finalized logo for FUDCon Boston 2008, that would be great.

(2) Tshirt art.


There were two nice t-shirt designs on this page for FUDCon shirts. Does the art team favor one over the other, or consider one of those designs "final"? We'd like to begin the t-shirt pricing process.



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