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Re: 2 Wallpaper trials for F9 (have to send in 2 parts)

Hi Dave,

dave slaughter wrote:
Ok, I have made 2 wallpapers, one using Andy's SVG, and one without, using that idea of a wave like look. These are just rough workups, not complete works, just something to give you an idea of what I was thinking in going with Andy's idea. Please give me input on your thoughts, and what could be changed or fixed.

As I said earlier (if anyone disagrees please speak up, maybe I am alone in this) I think it's far too late in the F9 process to start changing the graphics - we've already completed all of the core graphics for F9 and had them checked into rawhide. This week was the devel freeze for F9 IIRC and it will already be a scramble to get revisions into what we have in as we get feedback on it. To bring a new idea/concept into what we already have I think is too disruptive at this point in the release process, but refinements on the current designs are certainly welcomed.

And of course mockups for F10 at this point are very much appreciated! :)


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