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Re: Nodoka suggestions for Fedora 10

Mark escribió:
And i have a nice update on the mockup.

- bottom bar fully adjusted to fit the nodoka theme
- notification balloon content is greadly adjusted with a real world
scenario (asymetric thing not solved yet)
- - Added close image in the balloon
- - added orange bar (nice style and can be any colour)
- - added a image of the updates (64x64 fits nicely there)
- - played with font sized and bold
- added the desktop image to the bottom bar (men that image just
doesn't fit that style)
- Changed the bottom bar buttons
- - Made them a bit lighter
- - Made the effects a little more "glowy/glossy"

And you can see the changes in the image here:

To me it looks really nice now! Hope you think the same.

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Looks really nice, Mark! Shouldn't the notification balloon "emerge" from its icon in the notification area? (i.e upper panel)

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