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RE: Fedora Mascot?

There is another interpretation for the number 10. In the bible it represents 'all' or 'everyone' or 'everything'     so where it says ten kings it means all of the kings ect.  maybe fedora ten is for 'everyone' the peoples operating system. 

David <dchurch eatel net> wrote:
Since this is the release of 10, what about the idea of perfection...

Perfection is, broadly, a state of completeness and flawlessness.

What about if we were able to encompase the idea that fedora is the
"perfect" O.S for NIX users. What other items are "perfect" for each other.
Maybe we can use those as inspiration. Just a thought. Seamless lines,
perfect curves, fluidness, and gliding are words that come to mind when I
think perfect. Something Pure. Maybe reflective .. and other idea's?

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