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Use syslinux theme for grub as well? [Fwd: live CD grub theme vs installed grub theme]


I just run by this message on the test list, and what is said there is
true... The GRUB image looks a little strange (due to indexing we are
limited a lot), while the syslinux one looks awesome and pretty good
with indexing as well. So I thought, as is suggested in the message,
that we should use the Syslinux indexed version for GRUB as well.

Any thoughts?

--- Begin Message --- Is there meant to be a difference between grub themes from the Live CD snapshots to what a user gets when its installed to disk? I see the 'fedora water rings' theme on the Live CD but on my installations I've got a blue theme with a small gold emblem in the lower right.

Is the fedora water ring theme supposed to be the final theme? It looks much better than this other one.

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