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Re: Use syslinux theme for grub as well? [Fwd: live CD grub theme vs installed grub theme]

Hi Martin,

Martin Sourada wrote:
I just run by this message on the test list, and what is said there is
true... The GRUB image looks a little strange (due to indexing we are
limited a lot), while the syslinux one looks awesome and pretty good
with indexing as well. So I thought, as is suggested in the message,
that we should use the Syslinux indexed version for GRUB as well.

I'm working on this... basically grub sometimes resizes to be a smaller square in the center of the screen on some types of systems including apple hardware), so pjones thought it would be good to have artwork that fades out at the edges to a solid color so grub wouldn't look so strange on these systems. This wouldn't work with the current grub image so we're playing with the syslinux image indexed and faded at the edges for grub instead. I'll post what I've got next week.


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