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Re: revised f9 wallpaper

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:
Hey Luya,

Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
It looks like a underwater view of the wave. I think these wave needs to
be dynamic i.e spreading toward. It will be also an opportunity to take
advantage of the script Matthias created from Fedora 7 where the wave
varies weekly.  The effects should be subtle.  Máirín, do you have the
svg version? I will give a try tonight.

That would be awesome! Give me maybe 45 minutes to clean it up and I'll send it here. One thing though, when working with this file you've gotta put it in outline mode otherwise the blurs will slow your machine to a halt. Also, I've been rendering the bitmaps on the command line, eg:

inkscape --without-gui --export-png=0003b.png 0003.svg

Of note is the fact that the new GDM loads up the default desktop wallpaper and it seems that a fancy wallpaper with animations and effects would really slow down the GDM load time which is not a nice user experience since the whole system feels slow at that point. If my guess is right, keeping the wallpaper very simple is the way to go.

When I'm talking about this wallpaper being slow in Inkscape, I mean in Inkscape only. :) The rendered bitmap will in no way slow GDM down.


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