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Re: [Waves] revised f9 wallpaper

Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
Máirín Duffy a écrit :
The source files (these will be changing as I play around):

- http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/temp/f9wallpaper/0008.svg  - this is
the main background without sparkles; this one you will not be able to
work with unless you go into view >outlines mode.

- http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/temp/f9wallpaper/sparkles-6.svg - this
is the bitmap output of the 0008.svg file on one layer with vector
sparkles, etc on top.

I have completed the initial set without sparkles background. The goal
is to get some feedback
and modifications are welcome.


The sparkles are suitable for the sunset and night background.
Unfortunately, importing the sparkles background resulted a broken link
when exporting the svg to png.

Yeh, I didn't embed the bitmap because I knew it was made with a stale render. If you open up the 0008.svg and re-render it and import that as the background it will work.


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