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Re: A wallpaper material or what..

Jóhann B. Guðmundsson wrote:
I vote for one..

A contest maybe for each release.
Contester given certain theme to work with ( people, ocean, animal,sky,waterfalls, etc ). Even different category's. Best photo shot ( unmodified, No tools allowed to *better/clean the photo or enhance* ), Best photo shot modified ( tools allowed to enhance or better the photo ). Best wallpaper created using opensource tools.. etc
Top 3 in each category would get included in the default package..
The rest in fedora-wallpapers-extra-contest-release ( fedora-wallpapers-contest-fc9 )

The absolute minimum for such a think (which I also find useful) would be for us to have a kind of online gallery where to post the images and have viewers, votes, comments. So far we and the infrastructure people were not able to come with a good solution for that. We talked about MediaWiki, Gallery2, other galleries, integration of MediaWiki and Gallery 2 and such.

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