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Re: Nodoka suggestions for Fedora 10

On Mon, 2008-04-07 at 17:01 +0200, Mark wrote:
> 2008/4/4, Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek <jakub rusinek gmail com>:
> I'm getting very little responses here to improve my mockup.
> is there just no interest for it? does fedora even want me to put time in this?
> So... i want to improve it further (assuming that's needed) so give
> the mockup some critics so that i can improve it!
> the motivation to continue with this isn't really high.. i need
> feedback on this one!
> And if i post it to the devel list i probably only get notices again
> that it belongs here (where not a lot of people reply).

There's a lot of conversation going on in the art list lately, and most
of us is focusing on the F9 artwork, so it's natural that you've got not
much of a feedback. Besides, it DOES matter what YOU'd like to do. It's
not that we don't care, but sometimes it isn't easy to come up with
specific critics (especially if it's "only" mockups).

I'll make sure I won't forget this thread and reply to you in this
matter fully when I think it through more deeply, but right now I am
focusing on getting the nodoka gtk engine 0.7.0 release done in time, so
please be a little more patient.

The best I could suggest you though right now is this: make a wiki page
dedicated to the Notify design, and make a single thread clearly stating
that it's only about the notification-daemon design. You'll need to
gather some info, how can we do that (meaning the real theme) and even
if you would be not able to do it yourself, it would help us to put all
the info on the wiki. 

As for the design itself: when the real code is being done, there is
still a plenty of room for improvement based on the usage experience, so
do not feel obliged to come up with an awesome design from the start.

And once again, I plan to make some sketches, based on your design, as
well and will comment on the notify design when I am done with them :)


PS: And remember that most of us, like you, are doing these things in
our spare time, so if there isn't enough of that, we do not reply much
to the stuff, or to everything, what goes on here, so do not feel
disappointed by the lack of as much critics as you might like ;-)

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