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Re: fp.o home?

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
Hey all,

I remembered that there was some talk a while ago about a new design for
the fp.o page whilst I was looking on the websites list at the designs
for the spins' pages.

I got a little inspired and decided to try and make it in html/css, and
you can see the result here:


Maybe for the websites list too, but I didn't want to cross-post and
couldn't decide where to post!

A few thoughts:

* Download is more clear since what that is what more people end up looking for rather than "get fedora". The actual contents on the page it leads do can expand on the possibilities besides download to get fedora however.

* We have traditionally avoided the word 'support' since people might confuse community help with commercial support contracts. This was atleast a concern when differentiating Fedora and RHEL. Not sure that is much of a problem anymore.

* Even if we run the big banners (which I like btw since we have a lot of space), there should be still some space where we would run the small banner rotations.

* Why haven't we switched to auto language selection based on the system locale?

* The link to beta release notes can probably be dropped now.

* Can you check how this design works with the RSS feed mockups quaid has posted at



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