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Re: revised f9 wallpaper - workitems

Ian Weller wrote:

Also, if you haven't seen, ricky and I in #fedora-art were discussing
the possibility of creating the SRPM for the wallpapers with just the
SVGs and the spec file would direct rpmbuild to render the PNGs. It
would be nice for those who would like to *easily* find the vector
source and how exactly it was rendered in CVS. I spent last night
creating the command line and GIMP script to create the different
times of day and add the sparkles. I posted this link to #fedora-art.

It is possible to convert with GIMP from SVG to PNG in a scripted way (command line)? Is it acceptable to include Inkscape or GIMP in the build system? (they will drag a lot of dependencies and Inkscape is not even "core"). ImageMagik is *not* acceptable as a solution (bad SVG support).

The easiest way to produce PNGs from SVGs in a scripted way is using Inkscape: "inkscape --export-png=FILENAME --export-width=WIDTH"

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