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Re: new waves wallpapers

Ian Weller wrote:
OK, here's the latest rendered versions of the wallpapers.


The PNG set is completely buildable by grabbing the Makefile, the .scm script, and the src/ directory. Create a build/ directory, and then run make. (Yes, it will take a while.)

Unfortunately, even after optipng-ing all of them, the total comes out to be 47 MB :/ -- that is, all 4 times of day, at all 4 resolutions.

The 'normalish' resolution is 1280x960. It's kinda normal (1.33:1), but not really (1.25:1). There's also widescreen and eeepc.

It was decided that we would not necessarily support dual head. For dual head, you can repeat the wallpaper ;)

Comments?  Questions?  Concerns?  Praise?  Threats?  Please let us know :)

Hi.  I know folks here are working very hard under heavy time
constraints and I am very appreciative.  I hope this explanation of my
feelings is constructive and not off base.

My first impression upon upgrading was surprise.  I felt like something
was wrong with the new background, only it took me a while to realize
exactly why.

The "soft white balls" (how else do I describe them?) look very good in
the rays of light.  However it feels like the few sparkly parts, despite
being in the minority, attract too much attention from the overall look.
 If I tell my brain to ignore the sparkly auras, then I realize that I
like the overall look.

Have you tested how it looks without the sparkly effect?  I have a hunch
that it might look even better.

(Maybe they don't need to be removed entirely.  Perhaps the sparkly
auras might attract less attention if they were more blended or with
less definition?  I hope this makes sense.)

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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