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Nodoka Notification Theme [Re: Nodoka suggestions for Fedora 10]

> And i have a nice update on the mockup.
> Changelog
> - bottom bar fully adjusted to fit the nodoka theme
> - notification balloon content is greadly adjusted with a real world
> scenario (asymetric thing not solved yet)
> - - Added close image in the balloon
> - - added orange bar (nice style and can be any colour)
> - - added a image of the updates (64x64 fits nicely there)
> - - played with font sized and bold
> - added the desktop image to the bottom bar (men that image just
> doesn't fit that style)
> - Changed the bottom bar buttons
> - - Made them a bit lighter
> - - Made the effects a little more "glowy/glossy"
> And you can see the changes in the image here:
> http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/3089/fedora10mockupv02nf6.png
> To me it looks really nice now! Hope you think the same.
Sorry for the really late answer, but I've not managed to get some spare
time to take a closer look at it up until now. I'll focus only on the
notification part (for now). First about your sketch.

What I like:
* Rounded corners, might be even more rounded
* Soft gradients

What I don't like
* Stripe padded
* Usage of not very fitting, IMHO, type of gradient in the stripe
* "Inner outline"
* Close button hardly visible, cursive-like
* Padding too small for text

Now why I waited with the answer so long. I've set up a wiki page for
tracking the progress (both art and coding) of the notification theme
and put my design on that as well. It's based of yours, yet it's
different a lot. 

* I used warmer colours for the basic background, similar to that used
in tooltips
* I rounded the corners more
* I use only one type of gradient, two different settings (one for fill,
another for outline)
* I used close icon (and all other icons) from the icon theme I have
currently set (echo, with fall-back to gnome).

The wiki page (with SVGs and PNGs) is there:

Comparison of the current notify and the sketch, as it looks on whole F9
desktop is there:

The *-orig-* images, save for the screen shot of whole desktop, are real
screen shots, I used notify-send application to display them, all the
rest is either collage or work from scratch. 

Comments welcome,

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