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Re: gnome splash and screensaver lock dialog

Mark wrote:

any news here on those splashes?
Current case is still that the F8 gnome splash is used in F9 and the
lock dialog is still the plain ugly version. (tested on fully updated

AFAIK, there is no news on that, the current status is like that:
- a few people in Art Team expressed their lack in interest in this dialog if it is not used by default (or probably at least having a non-obscure way to be enabled) - people in the Desktop team are not interested in using a themed dialog by default (some of the concerns involve usability)

With that being said, you can make an update version and post it to the list, it would take something like a couple of minutes: grab the latest wallpaper from Rawhide, resize it to fit the dialog, open the .glade file (in Glade) and replace the background image. Save and post it here.

note: in the time I replied I could have made the dialog myself, but I preferred not to, probably for the same reason as the other - as a statement about the futility of having a dialog if we are not going to use it.

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