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Re: Self Introduction: Ryan Lerch

ryan lerch wrote:
Hi All,

Hi Ryan, I am glad to see you here.

My name is Ryan Lerch, and would like to contribute to fedora via the Art Team. I am an amateur graphic designer, and willing to help out basically anywhere that i am needed. Other projects i contribute to are Inkscape and the Open Clip Art Library. Any suggestions / ideas for a

I worked with Ryan for a long time, both on Inkscape and OCAL, we collaborated on tutorials and more. He is a valuable addition on our team.

good starting out task are appreciated. I scanned the list and thought this one may be suitable: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/DesignService#head-1d57965f144d16a3c1c4cdbfda053e0fc8e3987f

Just a little time ago Frank published some sketches for the Amaterur Radio SIG, too bad he didn't update the status on the DesignService page:

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