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Re: gnome splash and screensaver lock dialog

Jóhann B. Guðmundsson wrote:
Nicu Buculei wrote:
Paul W. Frields wrote:

The lock dialog defaults to the "plain" version for usability reasons
-- that's something that's been decided upstream by GNOME and we
probably won't be changing it any time soon.

While I understand the point about usability (and appreciate you did the work and submitted a design - IIRC this in not the first time you do that), don't you think the root of the problem has to be addressed? If we think a feature is that bad for usability reasons, shouldn't we just drop it? Or make the themed dialog more usable or the simple dialog prettier? There *must* be a way to have something both usable and pleasant looking.

To me, shipping two dialogs, one that is usable and another that is pretty is like knowingly ship something broken and just papering over it a temporary solution. And I learned sometime you have to break the temporary solution to get the problem solved properly.

+1 true..

I personally think we should enable lock-screen-dialog theme by default but leave the splash screen off. ( with the new gdm look it looks out of place + my laptop is so fast loading I just see for very short time :) )

Not enabling it puts the lock screen out of place with the overall theme.

I also think the lock screen dialog should look closer to the gdm look.
( as in the frame/look where the user choose his login account )

Hum skip the lock-screen-waves looking more like the gdm login box.

I always end up with conclusion that the gdm login box is out of place.

We could move the password and the buttons beneath the picture and the display name. ( having that above the user picture and DN seems out of place ) And drop the login name and the hostname I don't see the purpose of having that at all.

If what I mention above is done I think lock-screen-waves would look even better :).

Best regards
                 Johann B.
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