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Wiki Banner Template (work in progress)

Hi all,

after the recent discussion about the fedora events banner for the wiki, i have thrown together a template for these banners. I have used clones to try to recreate the same effect that is used over most of the current banners.

You just open up the SVG file in Inkscape, and edit the text in the red box. This should update the text in the banner area. Just add a picture / logo and export the document to PNG (Width: 468 pixels, Height: 60 pixels)

This is just an Idea / WIP, so feel free to hack at the template. (I also have not tried putting an image made from this template into the wiki, so the background gradient may need to be tweaked a bit...)

Any ideas / suggestions are appreciated...

attached to this email is the .svg (the template) and a png of sample output...



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Attachment: defaultbanner.svg
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