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Re: Getting covers printed

Paul W. Frields wrote:
Obviously this is my first time through this process from the inside,
but here are some of the issues that confront us for getting the discs
made, from the Artwork perspective:

I talked to Mairin yesterday and she says that getting the
artwork/sleeves/discs printed has been a very time-consuming process
in the past.  Given our very fast-approaching release, let's get some
consensus on these questions:

I wound in my inbox some specs from the printing shop Red Hat used at the last release:

"The layout of die for the graphic designer, is 10x6.5. It is converted to a 5"x5" sleeve, their are glue tabs of .75" on the sides. They should also account for bleed about 1/8" all on ea. side. If they need additional info, let me know, it is only one sided, (of course, inside is just blank). A PDF would be great to send it to us. "

* Which art are we going to use for the sleeves?  Do we have any
  possibilities for re-use of any previous design?

If we keep the tradition, the last incarnation of "Waves" would be used - I tried to play a bit with it but it absolutely blocked my computer (excessive use of blur in Inkscape is very CPU hungry).

We can reuse the main template: open the old SVG, release the clip, delete the old background, import the new background, clip it. And of course, update the text.

* Who is responsible for dealing with the printer?  What are the
  mechanics behind doing this?

Printer is the printing shop contracted for the job? (Double Data) If so, last time Max was in direct contact with them. He worked closely with Mairin and my input was limited (I am on the "wrong" timezone and available at odd times).

* How can we make this process easier in the future?

I believe the problem is like this: our fancy images are best suited for deskjet printing, for a few number of copies. For large scale printing you may need color separation and other pre-processing.

Another problem is, a professional printing shop will expect vector graphics, preferably as PDF (they don't work with SVG). And our images with advanced SVG features do not export well to PDF (some of the features are simply unsupported, some not yet implemented, parts or the graphic are rasterized, losing all the advantages of vector images).

But basically the process is simple (as I outlined above, like 5 minutes for upgrading a template to the current graphics), the key is to have a final version of the desktop artwork in due time and that artwork to be suitable for print.

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