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Re: Nodoka Notification Theme

Hi all,

I've put together some working code of the nodoka notification theme.
Here's a first screen shot of it in action:


The code is available at git:


To install and start using it I'll start publishing i386 rpms some time
in the future, until then you need to do the following:

git clone git://git.fedorahosted.org/nodoka
cd nodoka/notification-daemon-engine-nodoka
./configure --prefix=/usr
make install

Then you'll need to set gconf key /apps/notification-daemon/theme to
nodoka. You can use for example gconf-editor to do that. Probably you'll
need to restart the daemon (killall -9 notification-daemon), but maybe
it's not necessary.

What is missing?
 * countdown timer; if present, grey rectangle shows instead
 * arrow; if present the window is just bigger and positioned in
top-left corner...

If you happen to find another feature that's missing feel free to let me
know about it (screen shot and steps how to make that feature used would
help a lot).

Please note that I am currently aiming at 0.1.0 release which is
supposed to just work (and therefore need to support all the features
notification-daemon supports) - design will be refined at 0.2.0, but I
accept suggestions on that as well :)

Comments welcome,

PS: I hope to get this into F10 as default notification theme, so once I
release 0.1.0 I'll get it to rawhide and ask for opinions and testing on
fedoraforum as well :)

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