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Joining the Fedora Artwork Team


I'm Stojan Dimitrovski, a more and more interested Deseginer and
experienced Fedora user.

Since I've heard about Fedora, I was thrilled to use it. And I use it
pretty much always as my default operating system. But there is another
thing, I like to draw; especially in Inkscape. In time I found myself
revealing a drawing "talent" (even though it's not for me to decide, but
other people have said it).

I've been using Fedora since Fedora Core 5, and I've always been amazed
by the artwork. The perfect bubbles of Fedora Core 5, the DNA theme of
Fedora Core 6, or the 'Flying High' baloons and clouds in 7 were just
amazing. Even then I've felt like I needed to be a part of this. To have
a contribution to Fedora, with something seemingly so unessential but
very crucial. That's why, I'd like to join You, and help you make a more
beautiful Operating System as much as I can.

I'm a student at High School in Macedonia. I usually like drawing
abstract things, icons... w/e I get an inspiration for.

As this Page says it: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork#Join I did
make an icon for the system-config-* request. It's still a draft, and I
know I had a CLA signed somewhere, but I can't find it. I also had a
Fedora Account, but I forgot it. :) So can someone help me get up to
speed with the Fedora Account system?

Stojan Dimitrovski

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