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Re: R: Re: LiveUsbCreator Totem

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:

Nicu said it would be more 'legal' to convert the font to outlines since you are not allowed legally to distribute a closed source font. However, it's better to go with free and open source fonts anyway. :)

It is not about legality: a Free document using proprietary fonts is not a derivative of the fonts, it remains Free.

Oh I wasn't referring to the license of the document, I was referring to having the actual font available for download on the page.

The problem is a practical one: if someone want to modify the document will need to have installed the proprietary fonts (which he may not want to), otherwise the application will replace it automatically with another font, resulting in something that will not look as intended. So converting the text to path will keep the look, sacrificing text editability (something a fair trade-off).



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