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Re: Fedora 9.0 CD/DVD

Paul W. Frields wrote:
On Wed, 2008-04-23 at 20:46 +1000, ryan lerch wrote:
I have taken into consideration the ideas / suggestions discussed
eariler in this threasd and an updated version of the art is on the

I think these look great.  We need to get something selected and
polished pretty much immediately, so we'll be able to have discs printed
and available after release.

Then Paul, you can act as our fearless leader and choose what you like best and go with it :p

The issue is like that and depend greatly on the printing shop: The second ("complex") design looks much better but is harder to print, the first ("simple") is much printer-friendly, while is not bad looking at all.

The second part of the issue is about file formats, if the printer insists about a vector format and that vector format is PDF or EPS (and *no* SVG[*]) then the "simple" layout probably can be adjusted to look acceptable in that format, while for the "complex" layout, I don't think is possible for us to provide something else than SVG and/or raster (at whatever DPI values they want).

The last part is related to costs: the "complex" layout have more colors, will it cost more? Too much?

Mo, Max said that he ran into the printer at recently and they said they
were ready to work with us.  What will it take to get this underway?

I think we need the choice above and the exact detail about file formats.

[*] - even if both Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw should be perfectly able to open SVG files.

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