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Re: Fedora 9.0 CD/DVD

Paul W. Frields wrote:
On Wed, 2008-04-23 at 20:46 +1000, ryan lerch wrote:
I have taken into consideration the ideas / suggestions discussed
eariler in this threasd and an updated version of the art is on the

I chose "x86_64 Live CD" as the sample variation because it was the
longest string.

feel free to comment, critique and enhance these works...

I think these look great.  We need to get something selected and
polished pretty much immediately, so we'll be able to have discs printed
and available after release.

Mo, Max said that he ran into the printer at recently and they said they
were ready to work with us.  What will it take to get this underway?

Right now I'd lean towards the simpler of designs for the disc itself (I'm pretty sure the cover follows a different printing process so the colors/gradients are okay in that one)

Right now that disk will require 5 layers of ink (screenprint process). I think we should either modify the waves colors so that they are the same as the logo colors or we should just kill the waves all-togther and go with a general purpose disc design so all we have to do from release to release is upgrade the release number (and we can use the sleeve for matching the theme artwork)

I'll spend some time today modifying the disc design for this. But I fear the printers will likely not be able to take it as-is because of color-matching and there is going to have to be some back and forth. If we can work that out with a more generic disc design then hopefully we won't have to go through it next release.


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