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Re: Fedora 9.0 CD/DVD

Máirín Duffy wrote:
ryan lerch wrote:
I have taken into consideration the ideas / suggestions discussed eariler in this threasd and an updated version of the art is on the wiki:

I chose "x86_64 Live CD" as the sample variation because it was the longest string.

feel free to comment, critique and enhance these works...

Hey Ryan, it looks like the cd design is only 3.7* inches but it should be 4.5 inches right? Where did you get the template?

Okay, here's what's going on:

- It looks like Ryan used the FC5 template, which is what I recommended he do. Well, that template was actually off. No wonder the fc6 discs came out with extra space along the edges - we used teh fc5 template for that!

- I simplified the disc design a lot so there are less colors. The design we had the most truoble with last year was the disc design; the sleeve was less difficult. So I thought if we can get the disc right this year with simple/generic design, then we can just use the same file and increment the fedora release number and make things a lot easier on ourselves. I did this design in scribus.

- I used Ryan's design for the sleeves. It looks fabulous printed out. What I did is removed all text but the stylized 9 and fedora logo, and I exported that to a 300 dpi png. I imported that bitmap in as the backgroudn in scribus, and I did all the text in scribus.

It is looking like the scribus color management is going to make things a lot easier with the printer this release. ( The main problems we had were color matching. ) I sent these files to the printer today. I'll let you know when I hear back and if we are good to go:

http://people.redhat.com/duffy/misc/f9-discs/disc%20labels.tar.gz (includes scribus source files, svg source files for background, and the eps files for the printer)

The previews of these in PNG format are also in that directory:


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