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Re: Fedora 9.0 CD/DVD

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:
Right now I'd lean towards the simpler of designs for the disc itself (I'm pretty sure the cover follows a different printing process so the colors/gradients are okay in that one)

Right now that disk will require 5 layers of ink (screenprint process). I think we should either modify the waves colors so that they are the same as the logo colors or we should just kill the waves all-togther and go with a general purpose disc design so all we have to do from release to release is upgrade the release number (and we can use the sleeve for matching the theme artwork)

But at the same time I think its useful for us to also keep the fancy, "complex", designs for those who want to "make their own" discs on inkjet printers.

Definitely! We'll have them both on the media designs page and just label one as for inkjet and one for professional printing!

I think it would be good too to put the artwork for the inkjet ones into glabel templates so its that much easier for folks to print them.


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