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Re: New contributor

Hi chris!

i'm relatively new to the fedora-art team too, but welcome to the mailing list!

it sounds like you have read this already (your self intro to the mailing list gives that away...) but make sure you read the steps outlined here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/#head-69bd0fee422cb98e214886e406d6b850c99451ff

so jump in, and choose one of those awesome tasks on the design queue. If you need any help or advice feel free to ask!

once again, welcome!


2008/4/28 Chris Rees <christopherrees live ca>:
Hi.  I'm Chris.

I just recently started using linux and I enjoy modifying the way that the desktop looks by incorporating my own graphics.  I wanted to get involved in this because I like the atmosphere in sharing.

When I was young I used to enjoy drawing things, conceptualizing things; I just loved art.  I havn't done many drawings lately, but when I was younger I used to sketch alot of things, mostly landscapes and personal portraits. 

As for real-world experience with graphical art, I don't really have much, but I can use GIMP, Inkscape and other tools with relative ease and I enjoy doing so.

Also, I am somewhat of a musician (guitar and other instruments) although I don't know if that skillset is valuable to this project.  I hope it is.


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