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Re: Tracking logo approval requests

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Do we have a instance of RT or trac setup to keep track of logo requests?

No. We used to use a ticketing system and it was a royal pain in the butt because it didn't work right, I ended up losing some requests, the response piece was broken so I had to copy/paste information into my mail client to respond manually and I didn't know if someone else who might have been on the queue had already answered the ones I was answering. And because the response piece didn't work it did not serve the purpose as serving as a record since replies could not go thru it.

 If not, should we?

Does anyone else want to help me with the queue? Last time I checked, no. I'd rather not uproot my system (thunderbird templates), which while manual actually works quite well for me, if there's no good reason to.


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