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Re: Tracking logo approval requests

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:

Does anyone else want to help me with the queue? Last time I checked, no. I'd rather not uproot my system (thunderbird templates), which while manual actually works quite well for me, if there's no good reason to.

I think there is value in having a public and more transparent record of logo approvals(besides your mailbox) regardless of how many people are processing the queue. Hopefully the revised trademark guidelines (in progress) would reduce the need for this process for the most part.

I have been able to provide lookup information for anyone who asked when requested (which has come handy a couple of times). If we made the requests public we are going to have to change the way we present the logo queue so people know when they write it that what they write will be shared publicly.

If we have a functioning ticketing system then I have no opposition to moving to it given that there is another team/task that has used it and can speak to its functionality. As I mentioned, last time the ticketing system I used caused more headache and pain in a task that is manual and not very fun to start with. It would certainly be very nice though to have a record of everything so anybody could look it up and so I can more easily check out what responses I gave to what requests (right now I have to do a manual moving of responses from the sent mail folder to the logo folder in my mailbox)

Do we have a ticketing system right now? If not who will handle the request to set one up to the infrastructure team, and who will test it so that we know it will meet this need of providing a record before taking the trouble to change the process and move?


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