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Greetings and Salutations

Good day to all!

Hi, my name is Sean Gatton. For years I have been interested in the concept of Linux distributions, ever since my father first introduced me to Red Hat Linux in 1993, as a Sophmore in high school. At that age, I began really working with computers, from old Apple IIe and II+, to eventual IBM compatible DOS and Windows computers. Since I graduated from high school, I began moving off from pencil/paper artwork, and have moved more towards computer generated graphics. I've used numerous graphics programs to date, and thoroughly enjoy designing webpages, web graphics and UIs for World of Warcraft for friends of mine (as well as myself).

Recently, I took care of reinstalling an operating system on my sister-in-law's laptop for college. Rather then put Windows back on there, I loaded Linux for her, which got me working more on the Linux side of life, then Windows. Since then, I have been interested in designing things to be used inside a Linux distribution, as designing and tinkering are things I thoroughly enjoy!

Well, that about covers it at the moment.

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